They're Coming For You Next!

Bismillaah (In The Name Of Allaah)

Dear Reader,

How many times have you heard this term 'They're coming for you next!' that has been strewn all over the internet and social networks? What feelings and thoughts does this phrase bring to you?

Do not fall into feelings of violence regarding the horrible images spread throughout the internet and social sites. As I will show, Allaah has already warned us of these situations and given us clear guidance on how to deal with these problems:

Some would prefer that you lose your religion and follow them down the road to extremism leading you into terrorism. "They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved..."
Do not fall into radical thoughts and ideas that promote terrorism.

Read what Islamweb.net has to say about the killing of non-Muslims:

"To say that the creed of Muslims is to kill anyone who is not a Muslim, is not a correct statement. It is a fallacy that has befallen the Muslims.
Did you not read the Saying of Allah: {There is no compulsion in religion…..}[Quran 2:256].

The saying of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) when he sent the army “You will find people who have confined themselves to their cells (places of worship). Let them with what they have confined themselves to” i.e. do not harm them. [Reported by Baihaqi]

Did you not read the long history of Islam and Muslims? In fact it is not confirmed that they had obliged anyone to renounce his religion. The non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries is an evidence to this fact.

As regards debating with others, we do not know any religion other than Islam that called to open debates and discussions and left freedom for evidence and proof to prevail.
Did you not read the verse of Allah: {….and argue with them in a way that is better…..}[Quran 16:125].

Allah further Says: {….Say: "Have you any knowledge (proof) that you can produce before us?…}[Quran 6:148].

Allah also Says (interpretation of meaning): {….Is there any ilâh (god) with Allâh? Say, "Bring forth your proofs, if you are truthful."}[Quran 27:64].

When debating, a Muslim is even prepared to say to the person he is debating with, what Allah Said in the Qur'an: {Say (O Muhammadto these polytheists, pagans, etc.) "You will not be asked about our sins, nor shall we be asked of what you do."}[Quran 34:25].

Allah also Says (interpretation of meaning): {…And verily, (either) we or you are rightly guided or in a plain error."}[Quran 34:24].

So, after all this, how can one say that a Muslim does not know anything but violence, killing and oppression?

This is a blasphemy by the enemies of Islam on Muslims despite the fact that they know well that Islam is a religion of debate and justice. They do that to prevent the people from the true religion of Allah."

They wrongly and strongly offend and insult the clear truth, and wrong and oppress the whole world as they hide the truth and deprive the people of the light and guidance of Muslims and Islam.

According to IslamWeb.net:
"Allah's enemies have formed an alliance against Muslims and defamed their religion by libeling it with bad appellations and descriptions that never fit it. And not only that, Allah's enemies, with their alliances and coalitions, conquered Muslims in their own dens.

All that is happening as a verification of the Prophet's saying: 'Nations are about to gather (forming hostile alliances) against you as eaters gather around a plate of food." Someone asked: 'is it because of our few numbers then?' The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: 'Nay, you will be too many then, but you will be just like the scum (that floats) over the flood. And Allah will take out fear (of you) from your enemies' hearts and throw weakness in your hearts.' The man then asked: ' What do you mean by weakness, O Messenger of Allah?' The Prophet answered: 'to love the worldly life and fear death.
[Narrated by Ahmad and Abu Dawood ]

As for the truthful and faithful scholars, they never kept silent, rather they said the word of truth out loudly and expressed their stands through every possible means in their academic gatherings, in mosques and through different types of media, whether visual, audio, or printed. They also exploited the Internet for this purpose.Their efforts were of fruitful effects on the Muslims' psyches and played a great role in reviving their awakening. Actually, they are doing well in answering the enemies of Allah and dismantling their plots."

I suggest you spend your time learning your religion and not falling into any type of political rallying:

Maalik ibn Anas (radhi-yallaahu 'anhu) said:
"Whoever does not love knowledge, then there is no good in him; So there should not be any acquaintence between you and him, and nor any friendship".
al-Khateeb in al-Faqeeh wal-Mutafaqqih - Volume 1, Page 15;
Mabaahith fee Ahkaam al-Fatwa - Page 12

'Uthmaan (radhi-yallaahu 'anhu) said:
"Knowledge is better than wealth; Knowledge protects you and you (have to) protect wealth".
al-Khateeb in al-Faqeeh wal-Mutafaqqih - Volume 1, Page 15;
Mabaahith fee Ahkaam al-Fatwa - Page 12

"Knowledge is a means to all excellence."
Siyar A'laam an-Nubalaa. - Volume 6, Page 90

"It is from politics to stay out of politics."
Shaykh al-Albaanee (radhi-yallaahu 'anhu)

Indeed there are many who fear their life is threatened by kuffar governments due to the images and stories spread out by media. And then there are the fanaticals constantly fanning air into these hot flames by attempting to incite an uprising based on emotion. These people fail to see that there is no Jihaad except by a ruler who has the ability to carry it out, not to mention all the different pillars and conditions that must be in place.

I know some of you are afraid and so I will ask you this. Do you know your rights per the American Civil Liberties Union? Worried to donate money to your favorite Islamic charity? Muslim Advocates is a website acclaimed for its aid in helping in identifying charities.

And do not forget this ayat, 'If you ask Allaah for help He will help you.'

Thank You so much for your time. All the truth in here is from Allaah and mistakes are from satan the accursed and myself. Please forward this blog to your relatives & friends and may Allah (SWT) reward you. This post has been brought to you by: SurvivorsAreUs.com, SurvivorsAreUs.wordpress.com, TnT Islamic Books, Discount Promotions R Us, and SurvivorsAreUs Online Halaal Store!
Sincerely & Gratefully
Halimah bint David


Tara Umm Omar said...

When I was in the US, the best advice someone gave me before coming to KSA was not to be political.

Halimah bint David said...


Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatuhlahi Wabarakatuh!

Maasha Allaah! Sounds like great advise. May Allaah reward them for looking out for you and giving you such good advise. Thank you so much for sharing that Ukti!

Nadia said...

Alhumdulillah sis amazing note once again.. Insha'allah keep up the good work as ur notes keep us to try n stay in faith and not be lead astray. Barak Allah feek sis :))) (Nadia off facebook)

nadia said...

alhumdulillah sis great note once again. Keep them coming Insha'allah xxx

Halimah bint David said...


Wa'Alaykaam Assalaam Warahmahtuhlahi Wabarakatuh!

Welcome to my Blog Ukti! I am so happy you came. Jazzaka Allaahu Khair! Thank you so much.I am soo happy to see you! :D It is really encouraging to know that sisters like you, read them and are able to benefit from them. This is such a Rahmah from Allaah (swt). Wa'Allaahuakbarr!

Sincerely & Gratefully
Halimah bint David

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